Simple Question: How To - Item Replacing Mod?

Hey guys,

I’ve been editing some game items to have stats I prefer(keeping exactly what secret till I post the mod).

So far I just edited the items in their .json, and they do work as I intended now.

My question is, is there a way to make it a mod? Say I’ve buffed the aluminum bat, and I want a mod choice at world gen to include “buffed aluminium bat”. Replacing all instances where a normal aluminium bat would spawn with the new one.

Hope that makes sense. For all I know if I just make it an item .json in a mod folder it might automatically overwrite the original item, I just don’t know (the item I’m editing is a bit too rare to easily find to test).

I don’t know if you can replace it, but if you make a new one and in the spawn thing you change the old one for the new one it should work!

Well, editing the .json itself I’ve changed all the instances of the item that have or will spawned.

I suppose I could follow the steps in the “No X” mods to pull out the original item, but going through manually to see where this item spawns and adding it in seems really time consuming.