Mod Problems After Update (Using Launcher)

Is this a thing? This isn’t a thing. If you’re talking about simplified nutrition, then it doesn’t actually do anything except hide bugs.

This goes back to my statements on why “option mods” or mods that revert functionality that is PRed is bad for the codebase. Blacklist mods are kind of in an in-between place right now, and we’re looking into maybe some kind of thing that can generate the exact blacklist you want.
You’re right. they’re debatable. but they’ve really been debated to death, and instead of trying to change the decision that happened, we need to look toward a new way to resolve it.

You’re right. I haven’t played or looked at what does what in a really long time, so obviously my opinion is super dated.
About the simplified nutrition thing, I remember that it was done because the vitamins were not really fully functional, and it made it so that you’d get vitamin deficiencies within maybe a couple weeks, then again don’t take my word for it.

I’m glad that the contributors and the coders are looking in to fix things, but please do understand that to the casual observer (me) I only can see what’s on the surface, and not whats going behind the scenes.

Anyway, it’s beating a dead horse at this point. I’m sure the team behind CDDA is working toward making the transition better, and eventually it’ll all iron out and we’ll forget about it.

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Doesn’t work for me.

Try this, maybe it will help (especially the first section after the introduction):
How to Report Bugs Effectively

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