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Cata++ is maintained by noctifer and chaosvolt…i dunno if they have a cata++ forum post that they watch, but the github is here:

Maybe the change was done intentionally to make it impossible to control military robots. It’s an easy enough change to make locally if you prefer things different.


This is hardcoded so I cant just add in robot military to the control laptop, but i fixed it for what you want to use it for I won’t update this to my mod pack unless its in popular demand

download link - Cata ++ updated all robots are hackable

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Thank you! If I get the chance, I’ll bounce a question at the Github for the mod to find out if the change was intentional to disallow the Control Laptop functionality on Military bots and such. Initially I thought it was done for the Factions, so that way they could define military bots as being friendly or neutral to bioweapons but not have that extend to all bots, but looking over the json I don’t think that Species and Faction are tied to one another. I’ll try to look through the Forms on the main Cata Github and see if that’s the case or not.

thats alright, if you have any other issues dont hesitate to ask. i honestly dk if its intentional or not, but the way its set up “robot” and the control laptop is hardcoded so i cant just add militiary robots to the control laptop, idk what im doing when it comes to hardcoded stuff. if you manage to find out if its intentional or not id like to know, if its unintentional ill add the update to my compilation but i think its to define the diffrence between the bots witch sadly means they cant be hacked. ill make a poll on the main post to see if people want it in as well.

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I hear you on hardcoded stuff. My knowledge of C++ and Python is the same as my knowledge of quantum physics. Which is to say, I know of it. The JSON stuff is much easier, but I’m not experienced with it outside of a few tweaks to mods in Skyrim that used JSON entries.

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I submitted an issue on GitHub, and Chaosvolt responded. They indicated that it was an unintended consequence, and just updated the mod. All of you are excellent, thank you!

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it has now been updated in my mod complation and is part of the pack now, thank you for getting back to me :slight_smile:

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Figure I’d give something back here. Found a mod not in the compilation, got it working again (tested on 0.E stable, not using experimental at the moment). It’s the Merchant mod, adds in a small survivor settlement and some additional trader bunkers on the map. Not sure if the creator of the mod is still active or not. Here’s the link to the original Discourse post:

And here’s a link to my update with fixes:

thanks, I’m making a factions mod, witch traders/merchants was going to be apart of it. so I think this will help with the development but I will add it into mod compilation :slight_smile: thanks nonesuch, there mostly is a lot more that are old and outdated I will check the forums again and add them in :slight_smile: thanks

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bump this post so people can see

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Out of curiosity, where are the tools and soundpacks downloads at?

On the last release I’m sure

Hello, I’ve been having trouble with your version of PK’s rebalance mod and came up with a couple of errors resulting in a crash to main menu. Dissociativity recommended using your version of PK’s rebalance (I was having different issues on his). I haven’t had much luck overall getting this mod to work… Edit: I’m on Experimental build 11139

DEBUG : Received unrecognized iuse function ARTIFACT, using iuse::none instead
FUNCTION : use_function Item_factory::usage_from_string(const string&) const
FILE : src/item_factory.cpp
LINE : 3539

DEBUG : Error: Json error: data/mods//PKs_Rebalancing//monsters/cult.json:278:123: Invalid damage type
“cooldown”: 30,
“accuracy”: 6,
“damage_max_instance”: [ { “damage_type”: “cut”, “amount”: 20, “armor_multiplier”: 0.8 }, { “damage_type”: “true”,
“amount”: 6 } ]
FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 861

i will look into this soon

Hey GG,

Another fixer. The More Armor mod in your mod list is a bit bugged. I’ve already had a discussion that broke down the issue in a separate discourse thread which I’ll link here.

Just FYSA, this issue might be found in similarly older mods that haven’t updated the bodyparts appropriately for the recent change.

Hey Goat
Can you update your discord invitation link? Because currently there is no way to get yuor mod pack.Thank you for doing amazing job!

Well, as a workaround, you could grab the older version of the modpack over on GitHub, but it might be missing some updates.
Alternatively, you could switch over to Kenan’s Modpack which does not wall off the modpack behind Discord, but also doesn’t contain that many mods…

I found this on forum. R.I.P We will miss him.

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Thank you for letting us know.