Mo' Sound is needed!

 I feel like when I shoot a gun there should be some sort of noise with that, which the player ACTUALLY hears. Also, I don't know how 'loud' something is for it to be 'bad.' Also, Why is there an option for music that isn't there? There doesn't need to be much sounds that you hear, but I feel like I need to have a youtube video or something in the background so my brain doesn't rot from complete silence in everything but the first options when you enter the home screen. It doesn't even continue to the options tabs and stuff! You don't  necessarily need something like you character saying 'uf' when they are hurt, cuz that might actually be really annoying at some point. But roars should make noise, guns should make noise, maybe make some sort of minecraft-villager-ish when chatting maybe. Silence only is nice to a point, I feel like I might die more of there being no sound than of a zombie ripping my face off. If nothing else, make the alarm on your watch/phone etc. do something. :P

You know about the soundpacks, right? The easiest way to get em is with the launcher:

I’m gonna try to put together a set with no JA2 noises before 0.D.

 So that would include the experimentals also? Cuz I only use those, not the 'complete' versions.

Here, you’ll want to use this. Makes everything extremely easy: