I mean, it woulb be cool to add user made missions to the game. I mean, we already have the world editor! We just would only need to build the places.

I mean, making places, labs, things etc with the Debug menu, editing your character until you have it cool, put some zombie soldiers in the militar base, make the mission of the dude to go to it and to take some weapons or info… i mean, we have, here, in this game, the very best mission creator ever.

I am going to start making one, soooo… if you have some ideas, OR EVEN BETTER, some cool maps, share them!

You know what I hink would be very interesting?

Exploring “tainted” underground forests (you could think of them as the 3rd cavern layer of dwarf fortress) complete with otherworldly or heavily mutated flora and fauna. You could link them to the existing swamp caverns or to the waste sarcophagus. It will require a lot of coding however.



You could play defense mode under [special] its technically arena mode. It urgently needs some love however

Ah, perhaps more along the line of gladiator mode, to clarify. Zombie Hulk vs Triffid Queen! Fungal spire vs ant queen! Jabberwock vs Thing!

Ahh you literally mean DFs arena mode?

Yeah that could be cool but i dont think the framework to support it exists now (mainly teams of monsters so they can fight each other are missing).

Yeah, monster teams aren’t implemented yet. One on one might be a thing, though. I’m pretty sure most monsters will resort to hitting each other eventually.