More love for Defense Mode

Currently, there’s tons of potential for Defense mode that’s being wasted.

I think you ought to be able to explore about a one map square area around your base, but that’s it. Monsters constantly spawn, and pits are suddenly useful again.

You ought to be able to pick any building, aswell.

And the full list of items should show up in the caravan salesman’s inventory.

Tired of only the same few drugs, items, tools, and such. All items should randomly be in the caravan.

All the different types of buildings ought to be selectable aswell.

It’s just that no one get to it yet, I think the defense mode is pretty solid though, like an extra mini-game to the survival sandbox game.

+1 to more buildings.

Also, I’d like to be able to save in defense mode.

Personally I don’t have any plans for it, and I don’t know if we are ever really planning to do anything with it. I always got more of the “this is something that was added in before we took development of the project up, so we’ll keep it in for posterity, but we aren’t planning on really developing it further” sort of vibe from defense mode.

I think it has great potential for a more arcade outlet to DDA.

Especially if there were a simple NPC/partner purchasing system.


Really? I always thought defense mode should be scrapped, as in removed.

NO! WE COULDN’T! I like a round of defense every once in a while, and I don’t see any reason to get rid of it.

But yeah, I’d love to see Defense get updated. +1! Also, you said pick any building twice :stuck_out_tongue: Just two different ways.

Defense mode is cool. Shush.

could someone tell me what the hell this is about? defense mode? when did that get implemented?

'bout 1-2ish years ago if i recall correctly

how do you start a defense mode game?

In the special tab in the main menu.


lol idky i never saw it before.

See? There’s your problem. A lack of features means a lack of enthusiasm. But I still enjoy it.

I’d really like to see the prison added to defense mode, along with the FEMA camp, the school, and etcetera.

I enjoy defense mode, surrounded by waves of undead that don’t stop coming, ever. But it needs polish. I’d like to be able to save in defense mode, for one. I’d like the caravan to sell more items, as well.

If it’s polished up, defense mode could shine like the other parts of the game.

Defense mode is a great way to learn some of the mechanics of the game along with being pretty fun too. I would like to see it be developed further and have some new features put into it.