Missing Messages in Messaging Spam

Given the immense amount of messages that fly around during combat, I can often miss critical messages around backpacks or other volume producing clothing getting destroyed and items tumbling to the ground. Laser targeting is another.

I dont have a great UX/UI idea around how to make this clear, but it would be a nice thing to have

Pretty annoying, right?

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I’ve wondered about this myself… just generally about methods for condensing and/or structuring an output log such as this for digestion by the user in game. It is a game time ordered raw output for the most part, repeat messages get condensed with a counter, but only if they are consecutive. Not sure exactly how the coloring works, but there seems to be some attempt at color coding severity or importance of a particular message.

Given how important this information stream is to the player, I think its worthwhile to think about. I’m kinda spitballing a concept of a category or tree structured message log, something along these lines maybe:

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I think maybe the crux of the issue is visual noise vs. information density. It’d be interesting to be able to view and expand category buckets of messages so one could more quickly find a particular flavor of message in a big soup of miscellany.

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