Minor type display issue 0.9RC1-181-gb381798

When picking up items, the Volume limit in the top left, if increased by a digit then reduced, will add an extra digit to the limit displayed.

Vol 68/102
Then highlight a corpse for pick up
Vol 143/102 'The number has more digits
deselect the corpse for pick up
Vol 68/1022 'The number was reduced, but the final digit was not removed from the display

No gameplay difference but a little thing I noticed.

This has been happening since… 08 I think.

[quote=“Ratinod”]"DigPit crash"
When i try “DigPit” (using “digging stick”) game crashes without errors.

additional information:
OS : Windows 7
build : 0.9RC1-181-gb381798[/quote]

Uh… you have to make your own topic to post separate bugs.

Uh... you have to make your own topic to post separate bugs.
Sorry. Made new topic.

That area of the window isn’t being cleared before the new values are written. Basically something needs to go through and right pad the output with ’ 's until it reaches 7 characters (XXX/XXX) and fully overwrite the previous value.

I was sure that was set to a fixed width field. If it hasn’t been fixed already I’ll take a quick crack at fixing it later today, shouldn’t take too long.