Minor translation-update release pending

I’ve backported a few recent translation fixes to the 0.8 version.

The pull request is at: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/3279

If there are any other urgent fixes, post a message there or here.

The only changes were:

[ul][li]marked computer names and options (such as those of the evac shelter computer) and added them to the .pot file[/li]
[li]marked imaginary crafting components (such as “nearby fire” and “integrated toolset”) and added them to the .pot file[/li]
[li]renamed “first aid” item to “first aid kit” to resolve conflict with the skill name[/li]
[li]added an explicit override for LC_NUMERIC to resolve an issue with loading floating-point numbers from json in locales that use ‘,’ in stead of ‘.’ for a decimal point.[/li][/ul]

I couldn’t test that LC_NUMERIC fix, as i couldn’t reproduce the problem, but hopefully it should work.

Is it possible to make vehicle’s menu in 2 rows? Because pretty impossible to translate this menu in one row (except in Chinese, I think).

Which menu do you mean, the one when you are examing the vehicle and can install, remove parts etc?

That whole interface needs to be overhauled, it has all sorts of translation issues. But it’s a big task so i’m working on it for 0.9. It’s a little hard to fix it for 0.8, all i can suggest is using abbreviations for now.

Still haven’t got an official release out for this, but language teams can build their own from the “0.8-branch” branch on github. That has the biggest translation problems with 0.8 fixed, and otherwise is exactly the same as 0.8.