[Minor?] Change "Firearms" to "Projectile Weapons"

Just for the sake of clarity. Seeing that the “Firearms” skill is kind of a meta-skill where anything from a handgun to a grenade launcher, or bow falls under it, wouldn’t be more appropriate to rename it to “Projectile weapons”?

Or “Firing” or “shooting”?

I do agree with you. It would make sense, even if it’s just a minor cosmetic change.

Or just ‘ranged’. I mean, we have ‘melee’.

That’s probably the best fit, yes.


Perhaps, although that doesn’t include throwing, which is technically also ranged.

Throwing can go suck a lemon.

Also throwing is ballistic and ranged, so either of those still fit.

Being that the firearms skill is needed to make ammo types, perhaps that could be moved around as well?

I support “shooting” as the new name, personally.

I’m fine leaving it as firearms. Which is just “weapons that can be fired”. Which includes all the current stuff but not throwing.

The problem is, firearms limits its definition exclusively to guns, excluding the rest of projectile weapons.

“This covers all ranged weapons, with an exception for thrown ones.” Problem solved?

Changing its descriptions achieves little here. The skill name would still be misleading.

Throwing stuff is not really a “ranged weapon,” IMO.

How about Marksmanship?
…is what I’d like to say, if only the skill didn’t cover weapon mods as well.

A bow is not a firearm.

Ranged weapons please.

Why not have something like the Melee/subskills?



etc as needed

Ranged skill would give an overall buff, specific skill values benefit the player more-so

A character with a high Ranged skill modifier would be decent with most forms of ranged weapons but someone with a high Pistol would be less effective with rifles and vice versa, even if their Ranged skill were the same.

weapon category : ranged weapons

overarching skill : marksmanship

[quote=“Nopkar, post:18, topic:757”]Why not have something like the Melee/subskills?


Don’t we have essentially that system in place already? I’m not sure about throwing, and I haven’t actually checked if the code matches the documentation, but firearms is described as giving a lesser bonus compared to pistols, rifles, archery, etc.