Minifridge and cold drinks bug

Version 0.C-3453
Minifridge sometimes can’t make my drinks cold when I put them inside.(example: beer/kompot)
When you drink one unit of the drinks and then put them back into fridge, sometimes it can become cold again.

Is that a bug?

Minifridge or the (cold) status of drinks is definitely buggy. The question that bothers me the most is that which items are eligible for receiving the (cold) status? Herbal tea never gets (cold). No standard “food” item gets (cold). I think the problems start to arise when many many different types of drinks are added in the minifridge. Another option is that adding cooked (hot) foods messes up the fridge. Also, does the minifridge operation get messed by outdoor temperature changes? I can’t even reliably reproduce resetting the minifridge. The whole thing should be looked over, or thought over, possibly re-coded from scratch. Right now (experimental 3580) as it stands I probably have like 0-2 items cold at the same time in my minifridge, even though there are dozens of consumables, mostly drinks (= items that have relatively way higher ‘Quench’ value).

Only some selected items can get the (cold) tag. If there is an item that can be both hot and cold, that’s a bug as both those use the same counter.

The bugs with cooling are probably the result of it only processing items every 10 minutes. As a result, items will not get cooled until the next 10 minute interval hits. This includes (hot) items.

A simple fix would be to force fridge processing when inserting the item.
A downside would be that you could just drop stuff into the fridge for a turn then have it cooled immediately. You can do that already, but at the moment you have to sync it with the 10 minute interval that depends on item’s birthday, making it hard to predict.

would it be too complicated to make everything able to be cold? I wouldn’t see a downside and it would be more realistic. I just don’t know code very well :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess that would mean every item has a temperature added to it…

No reason to do so. Fridge protects (80%) all items from rot just fine, giving all items a cold tag would be misleading and require extra processing.