Issues with Crafting and Mini Fridge/Freezer. Build 9247


I came back after a few months away and downloaded Build 8701. Crafting and fridgers/freezers were working fine at that point. Recently I updated to 9247 and that’s when I saw some issues.

Craft/Batch Craft (hereafter shortened to BC)

  1. BC x items are enabled even if you don’t have all the ingredients. See picture below

You still can’t craft if you don’t have all the ingredients though.

  1. For canned goods crafting, only the 1st and 20th item are enabled (eg. can be crafted) even if you have all the ingredients. This is big one since you cannot BC 2-19 items.

  1. Crafting times are inaccurate. I crafted a minifreezer which is supposed to take 3 hours. It took 4+ hours even though my focus was at 100.


  1. Placed new items in the minifreezer. After 24 hours they stay the same state and do not freeze.
    I tried it with human meat before but the pictures I’m showing have other types as well. Frozen ones
    were placed before the update.

  1. Same issue with fridge but intermittent. With 1 item it becomes cold, but with 100 items it stays the same.

Frozen labs appear to work. Large amounts freezer after 24 hours.

There are other issues but these are more important to me atm.