Mid to late game gear

I am currently at what i would consider mid game and i am wondering what people use for their gear setup and if they use one set or have multiple sets for different scenarios.

I personally use different sets of gear depending on what i am doing.

Edit: i have a access to survivor gear, and have a few thousand bionic power but no really good bionic yet (no time dilation, dialectric cap, leuk whatever thing, rad scrubber, repair nanobots, ect)

ANBC. Period.
Almost… Too hot for summer, after recent updates. I went for a light setup of a Maid Dress and some straw hat and sandals for summer.

Actually, not to make another thread, may I report a bug with power armour here? It seems that I keep getting ‘none’ item on the floor and to the inventory when I try to take off my power armour and a frame and put it on back again after that. The game just crashes when trying to touch those ‘none’ items.

What do you do about storage while wearing the ANBC suit? It is to encumbering to be able to wear any real storage with it while still being able to hit in melee reliably.

Drop the armor dont take it off… that prevents the none item from appearing.

What do I do? I don’t use melee. A bayonet is my maximum.

I can’t drop the armor without taking it off. Or can I?
Oh, okay, I can. Thanks!

Ah… that makes sense then… i prefer to melee stuff most of the time. Melee for me makes the fights take less time especially due to how long it takes to reload my pneumatic bolt driver but i can take a hulk down with that thing without reloading so i cant bitch about it

Yeah saved me alot of pain from swapping out my rollerblades all of the time at the start of this run

Actually, I use a Lightning Trail Carbine for my lovely Zeds. It’s nearly free to shoot and packs a nice punch for such a low price. Also, zaps the enemies. So those hulks don’t even have a chance to approach me.

If you ask me, I’d just make either a Chain Mail, or a full Plate Mail. The latter is surprisingly non-encumbring in CDDA, so it seems to be a nice choice.

It that gun from a mod? I have never seen nor heard of that one before.

I will look into plate but i thought it didnt have 100% coverage making it less useful than the survivor gear