Melee chance to hit really low

Hi All,

First time poster in this forum, have just started playing and am really enjoying myself. One question however, when I look at my dexterity on the Stats panel it tells me my melee chance to hit is -1342177280… which probably explains why I can no longer hit things with my cleaver :slight_smile: any idea why this might be the case? I’m not injured and am encumbered, but not overly.


Jesus. That looks like a buffer underflow. Have you used the debug menu to alter any character stats? Only time I’ve broken the engine like that was when I faffed about with a characters stats there.

Otherwise, what is your encumbrance, whats your weapon, do you have any mutations, whats your speed and focus, etc.

Nope, no fiddling around with anything, no mutations etc - only 4 days in. I took everything off in my safehouse basement and dropped my entire inventory apart from a melee weapon; still no better though :S

Can you take a screenshot of your stats menu? Maybe I’ll spot something there like “literally made of stone” or something improbable that might give a clue to whats gone and broke.

Are you running the experimental or stable version, and are you running any mods?

I’ve run into this issue as well, unfortunately on a past character. Also quite early in the game (very recent experimental), without mods, mutations nor debug tinkering.

EDIT: I’ve seen this frequently on my past few characters, but it seems to be a display bug only, because I have been able to hit enemies. If that vastly negative number were real, I wouldn’t be able to hit the broad side of a barn.