MBR vests with quantum mechanics

So I dismantled a hard plating MBR vest. WHAM! Suddenly a whole hell of a lot of weight.


As a fix, maybe make MBR vests only take one steel, hard, or superalloy plate?

They /used/ to only take one. When’d that change?

Due to my calculations they should be:
MBR vest (superalloy) - 24460 (from 8525)
MBR vest (steel plating) - 28460 (from 10250)
MBR vest (ceramic plates) - 4308 (from 5721)
MBR vest (kevlar plates) - 5740 (from 5721)
MBR vest (hard plates) - 68140 (from 20850)
For comparison 11 MBR vest (hard plates) will make road roller drum, so better change amount or weight of plates.
Empty one also should be 6840 and not 2860, so additionally 3980 to all vest. (this one can be fixed by lowering numbers of plates from 24 to 8)

Could make it so that you need fitted pieces (much less weight/volume) for the MBR vests. Not like you can just stuff half a car in there anyway.