Steel Plate Crafting

Hi all, i’ve just recently got a mbr vest and i’m looking to invest in some steel plating, the problem is that it needs steel plates, i can’t craft them even though my fab is 4 and i can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it, tried sissasembling steel stuff but no dice, any ideas?

Aside from crafting you could get them only from disassembling a broken exodii worker or spherical generator, both probably a bit too exotic to get your hands on the easy way.

However, when getting a fabrication skill level of 4, for me it shows up in the crafting menu without problems.

Tested on build version 0.E-b10923 with no mods installed.

If you can’t make them yourself (you should be able to and I can’t fathom why the recipe isn’t there for you), look for armor plating to rip off of vehicles.

Look for “military” type vehicles, as they tend to have either steel or military composite plating. I found a prison transport bus covered by it, for instance.

Ok, let me show you some things:

Fabrication 6

and i’ve tried dissasembling all possible kinds of steel parts from vehicles and none can be made to steel plates since i don’t have the recipe, maybe it’s something you need to learn from a book?

So… Do you want steel plates or steel plating?!

Because steel plating is there:

Also, you clearly using either a dated version or a modded one, since you don’t have any weight or age indicators. Such information can be crucial to help with a problem.

Steel plates, for adding to the mbr vest i just found

Well, after all I’ve tried, I can only suggest two more things:

  1. Check the recipes you’ve hidden.
  2. Deactivate or change the mod that changes/removes that recipe/item.

Looking at the item browser, it looks like the recipe for MBR vest (steel plating) was obsoleted.

My guess is that you are the victim of a development hiccup while they are trying to differentiate the type and size of steel that would go into a piece of man-sized armor (steel plates) from the type and size of steel that would be used to up-armor a vehicle (steel plating). It should be easy enough to fix on your end; just go into the recipe for the vest you want to make and change the necessary components, then make sure that your game includes the recipe for the item you want to make (this one: Other than that, looks like you’re playing the waiting game.

Meh, i can live without it i guess, i just need to find another armor, i was recently in possesion of some chitin, and browsing the crating list i see armguards and leg guards but nothing more, do i need more tailoring or fabrication for it?

Tailoring 5 at minimum and a book. You’ll probably fail the crafting a lot until Tailoring is up to 7, though. If you have an excess of materials, it’s a good way to level up your skill.

Thanks, tailoring isn’t that high i guess i’ll take 3 days or more to read the stuff :slight_smile: