Martial arts

I’ve noticed that in the cheaty menu you can give yourself around a dozen or so different styles, ones you can’t get from having the trait at character gen. Is this the only way for you to get different styles so far, or can you learn them from NPCs or something similar? Because while using taekwondo and kicking bears in the face is all sorts of fun, I’m getting a BIT tired of all my pants getting ruined due to lack of leg armours.

Try picking the martial training skill in character creation to get access to some. Otherwise, once NPCs are less bugged (like handing you a baked potato, some meth and then an active mininuke when you ask for items, THEN cause your game to crash horribly) they can teach you skills.

Character-creation is pretty much it. Theoretically there are martial-artist NPCs (my first game I saw someone using Toad Style) but I’ve never had the opportunity to learn from one.

Guy I know made character-creation traits to start with other styles (5 points for an animal form, 4 points for the rest). Dragon Style isn’t that good so far, but it’s nice to have.

As for leg armor issues, yeah, I’d appreciate it if the block code took one’s clothing/armor status into account, rather than simply limb HP. If you have Tailoring, Army Pants could be repaired with a Sewing Kit back in the day–I’m not sure if GlyphGryph decided to unilaterally change that though.

When I was going to learn something from an NPC, we were in a shelter. He told us we had to go somewhere safer. Cue miles of walking through hostile terrain to this “safer place”.

You can still use a sewing kit for cloth/wool repairs and reinforcing, but sometimes you just get into a fight with a bear and a cougar at the same time and all that leg blocking WHOOPS THERE GO MY PANTS.

I had the same thing happen. I kept asking him asked him how far it would be until we get there, and his estimation just got further and further the way the more we moved. I think that’s a bug: the NPC is moving in the wrong direction away from the safe point they were shooting for.

Solution: when the NPC asks to go somewhere safe to train, tell them, “No, here is fine.” That is a dialogue option.

That said, on topic: I did find one bunker NPC that was wiling to teach dragon style, so I guess that’s how it’s done.

Yeah, tailoring skill is pretty important. always good to start with at least one point in it-- I usually ditch firearms for tailoring now (Since Guns n’ Ammo is pretty common, Sew What!? clothing! isn’t, unless you get lucky and find a copy in a house.)

That way you can repair your clothes and reinforce your army pants.

And as for NPC training-- boards up most windows and doors, stockpile of guns, food and ammo nearby
’it’s not safe here.’
‘yes it bloody well is.’

You usually want to say it’s safe where you are unless it’s out in the open. Letting the NPC lead you can only end with him getting killed or you being killed by the monsters he takes you past. It’s better if you get him to follow YOU to somewhere safe before learning a style.

If you have a high strength, I think tiger can’t really be beat.