Do you consider this cheating?

Seeing as there are no ways at the moment to get any new martial arts styles, since NPC’s are disabled and karate books don’t exist yet, I’ve been using the debug menu to give myself all the martial art styles.

I don’t mean that as I start off with no unarmed skill (I never usually take it) and go around using Lizard Style to wall-kick zeds, or using Taekwondo and spin-kicking cougars in the face, but if I read up to level 3 in unarmed with the 101 Wrasslin’ Moves skill book, I’ll let myself use Judo. This makes sense in terms of realism, since wrestling and Judo are pretty similar (you spend the majority of both throwing and/or being thrown) and this provides a way to actually gain them. Also, if I get my unarmed to 5 I might give myself Krav Maga, or if I get it up to 3 just by falcon-punching dogs I might give myself karate, rather than Judo.

I do this for the sake of role playing. Krav Maga IRL is a very lethal form of martial arts, so it makes sense for someone that was fighting zombies with his bare hands to figure out some form of it. And as was previously mentioned, judo and wrestlin’ are pretty similar. Seeing as there is no other way to get these styles without reactivating NPC’s manually, (and then getting lucky if they know something or not) do you consider this cheating?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I occasionally debug in something when I’ve made a mistake, just to avoid having to watch my carefully wrought stash burn down, or whatever.

Perhaps it makes me less “hardcore”, but I don’t care, I play this game to have fun, and I only I know how best to have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Likewise with you. If you enjoy it, and you don’t think it makes your game unbalanced… enjoy it!

It’s probably the most benign form of cheating possible. Something doesn’t exist but the framework is there for it, so you give it to yourself. You don’t abuse it by using the best styles (though I could argue that Krav Maga is probably the best) to give yourself an edge. Besides, what you do with your game is none of our business to judge.

I like how you gave yourself rules, or rather a structure to follow on when you learn or “unlock” the next unarmed skill. I think what you could call it is improvising till the system is there in game.

Until dojo/martial art books are implemented I wouldn’t really call it cheating per se. Or at all, for that matter.
Once they’re in? definately.

As the only way to learn them right now is from NPCs I’d give anyone doing an unarmed play a lot of leeway, since y’know, NPCs :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, feel free to play how you like.