New Flying Ship Dungeon?

It’s an endgame dungeon that I first got an idea for when I was writing a DND campaign. Basically, it’s a US Navy aircraft carrier suspended high off the ground, permanently altered and divorced from the laws of physics after passing through the biggest portal storm ever recorded while providing air support against the zombies off the coast of California, causing it to briefly travel, completely unprotected, through the Nethereum. Its crew didn’t even have the chance to zombify before they were utterly erased from reality and a host of nether-creatures took their place. Since then, it’s been drifting over the continental US, wreaking havoc wherever it goes, finally arriving here.

Gameplaywise, the ship is obviously near-impossible to get to, but it’s low enough that it can be reached via helicopter or, if one happens to generate nearby, bridging from the top of a very high building. Standing under it is effectively suicide, as the temporal echoes of aircraft circle the vessel, constantly dropping ordnance that may be ethereal but causes very real damage. The ship generates very far away from the start location for this reason. The ship is host to what is effectively a constant, max-intensity portal storm on and in it, with all effects included. Getting belowdecks provides no protection, and monsters constantly spawn within, making survival less likely the longer you stay. In exchange, you are given access to some of the most intact military gear out there, along with Nethereum artifacts, ultrarare components, and strange, “enchanted” equipment laced and tainted by the Nethereum’s influence.

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This sounds like a cool idea, but having a full power portal storm with no protection possible on the carrier would essentially make raiding it suicide. the most pressing example of this would be the “person” nether monster, which has 100 million HP, sees you through walls, can open doors, and either knocks you out or makes you hallucinate (I don’t remember what exactly) upon attacking. In the middle of a nether storm, this would 100% be a death sentence if it spawns, as you can’t really protect yourself from it by barricading the doors since it wouldn’t despawn with the storm ending. All the other storm spawns alongside the nether creatures and sheer effort required to even reach the carrier would make it nearly impossible and absolutely not worth it to take on. I’d suggest getting rid of the eternal storm feature or replacing it with a flat debuff (something like “The very structure of this area’s reality is warped and damaged beyond what your mind can process. it’s hard to make sense of anything in this mess”). The constant nether mobs spawning combined with the cramped confines of the ship should be enough of a challenge by itself, and “enchanted” gear would certainly be fun to play around with

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Yeah, that makes sense. Something more like a semi-intensified kaluptic psychosis, so you don’t know which monsters are real would be cool.