How to color notes on the map?

I tried to color a marker light grey, thus I typed in lg (like the game mentioned above). However it just stayed as the default yellow. Any help? Here is exactly what I did: “lg Good Loots” (No quotations)

A semicolon after the color code will affect the color; a colon will change the symbol from “N”. Or it could be the opposite. I believe its necessary to put all of these before the actual note, however.

For example “R;!:Ninja House” (minus then quotation marks) should be a red exclamation point with the text “Ninja House” when hovered over on the map.

Another example:

g;C: Car

creates a light green g for note “Car”

Okay, doing it like that seems to work. Thanks for the help!

Cataclysm Quick Tip #31 - World Map Tools

Not sure who did it, but I think using yellow for electronics and cookie shops was a bad idea >_>

Food should be pink and purple-ish to match the other food locales. Yellow makes sense for electronics and science-esque locales. Although keeping Labs as a deep blue is a good idea to stand out among the forested areas. Just my 2 cents.

Cookies aren’t food. Cookie shops and candy stores have arrow parts, wrapped around junk food.

Well regardless, I think they should be that ugly pink color with colored arrows inside to signify them as food. Similar to restaurants and such.