Managing Smoke

Hey, guys. I was wondering if there is a way to vent or cancel smoke from engines meant as a power source? I’m trying to set up a power supply for my LMOE shelter, but if I put a vehicle engine or the portable generator in the shelter, running it will fill the place with smoke. Any suggestions?

Lock the away in another room as possible. Microfusion reactor.
Use solar panels.

Serious and that last one.

Set up a bunch topside and swap them out en mass.

1.break, or dismantle a section of wall and turn the building into a vehichle building hybrid with the engine outside, with fence around it so any zoms that hear it can’t immediately tear it apart

2.Build a vehichle outside like a portable trailor kind of thing that many VERY small business run out of (snow-cone stands & the like) can even be drive-able if you want. otherwise just a little vehicle hut.

  1. use alternate power source like others suggested.

  2. save yourself the time and just move into an RV now, rather than latter.

Muffler will remove most of it

The smoke comes out wherever the muffler is, so either string a bunch of light frames and/or wires (if you’re using the vehicle additions pack) to somewhere far off, put the muffler there, bam, problem solved.

Or, in theory, I think you could surround the muffler in all eight directions with boards, and it would contain the smoke. I haven’t tried this one, though…

that needs testing.
you may have just beaten CDDA

oh yea forgot about that one.