Improved muffler functionality?

Really simple for a complex problem, but any possibility of making smoke from gasoline/diesel engines emit from the closest muffler away from the frame, instead of just in a set place based on how the frame is constructed?

If you really need to, you could use pipes to lay combustion piping to connect to the muffler, and using multiple mufflers could dampen the sound? Not really necessary though.

Seems kinda silly that, let’s say you’re making a base generator, you can’t plant the muffler in a jut that pokes outside and expect the gas to go out that way.

All smoke should be redirected to muffler. Not sure which one if there is more than one, but it should always come out the muffler.
In this case “should” means “it is implemented in the game, if it’s not working, that’s a bug”.

If you’re making an immobile generator type thing, is the muffler at the “back” of the vehicle? If it’s not the smoke emission code might be getting confused.

Oh. I didn’t know that was implemented at any point. After testing, it does effect the smoke emission area but only if it’s at the ‘back’ frames of the vehicle frame. Weird.

Your insignificant muffler must conform to our glorious vehicular construction standards.

To be clear, I’m not saying it’s not a bug, just trying to troubleshoot it, sounds like we need to reexamine that and make it less reliant on facing.

Well it works if you have a single muffler, and only if its at the back. If you have more than one muffler or a muffler at a non-back area it’ll go ‘derp.’ and default to back how it used to be.