Making turrets manually controlled

Currently, all turrets are able to be used in manual or automatic mode from the controls in the driver’s seat. They have perfect accuracy, their kills don’t seem to count as your own even when you manually shoot with them, and you can do it all from the driver’s seat.

My suggestion is to make the turrets either:

  1. Manual; which requires to to be either on the same tile as the weapon (for LMG and HMG) or the gun trigger (for cannons) for you to use. Obviously, you cannot be the driver and gunner at the same time.

  2. Remote; you sit at a gunner station connected to a computer, and remotely control a weapon system. Again, you cannot be the driver and the gunner at the same time unless the driver seat has both sets of controls, and you probably wouldn’t be able to do both at the same time. Damage to the attached sensors or cameras would make the gun useless.

  3. Automated; your gun has it’s own AI which targets and fires when given a green light. It has it’s own weapon skill based on how good the AI is and how well it was programed (perhaps with computer skill?). Obviously, you aren’t the one shooting so you wouldn’t get the kill score, but you could drive while the turrets did the work for you. You should have to find the AI cards in labs and military bases, instead of making every turret on your vehicle fully automated by default.

  4. Crew Weapon; you don’t operate this weapon from one spot, but several. One aims and fires the weapon, one reloads the rounds, and one tells the other two how to do their job.

Does this sound reasonable? Or is there something I’m missing? I’ve only been playing for a couple months now and I’m not quite sure what is hardcoded and what isn’t.

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Pretty much all the turret stuff is hardcoded, and was a bit of a tangled mess last time I looked at it. (long ago!) It probably still needs to be overhauled.
I’d say that’s a good outline you’ve got there for how it ought to work. :+1: