Npc gunner system

I was think if there a any way to having a NPC control your manual turret on the vehicle,

so far we can have a auto turret on vehicle to helping you shooting the enemy automatically,

but there was many turret require a person manual contorl the turret to firing, such as tank cannon,

mabye we can having a NPC to control a manal turret just like auto turret, right?

I think it will be easy, as long as the NPC are stay on the turret postiton, will automatically activation the turret’s “auto mode”, will allow you to “control” the turret while you on the driver postiton (by command NPC to do so),

anyone agree?


With a modifier for their firearm skill, yeah?

I assumed this was already in the game, to be honest. It’s a great idea that makes NPC’s more worthwhile

It would have to be very controlled by the player. Last thing I want is an NPC firing an automatic grenade launcher at the dog right next to the vehicle.

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Perhaps there could be a prioritized or blacklist/whitelist system to control how they should use the turret?