Makeshift crowbar nerf? Staff sling no longer stuns?

No longer able to pry windows or doors, intended prying value of 1?

I’m not opposed to this necessarily, just curious mostly.

Also the staff sling no longer stuns on critical hits, assume it’s intended, it was pretty strong. Also it now no longer does damage to soldier zombies. Intended changes I assume, and frankly agree with. On a side note it seems that you are less likely to loose rocks.

Two bugs down, 435 are around.

So those were bugs? And have been fixed?

The second one was a bug where blazemod was overwriting the rock with higher damage values and a stun effect.

Ah okay, it was pretty op to be honest. Blaze mod is integrated with the core game? as I’ve not installed blaze mod nor does it appear in my mods list.

It’s called Vehicle Additions Pack, blazemod is the old name for it. Sorry for not clarifying that.

Oh okay, I always run that mod, thanks for the input.