Make winter colder. Make summer hotter

I’m not asking finnish realism here, we are modelling a moderate climate.

Still, perhaps it is possible to have +30 C in Summer and up to -10/-15 C in Winter in open air,
so a character depends on heat more in winter?
And, say, goes swimming to cool down in summer?

I hope it will add more fun preparing your character, his equipment (and lairs) to a specific season.

Agree with the winter, but the summer, not that much, I don’t see new england as an hot country in summer, maybe it’s very humid but not hot at all, anyway I always dreamed to have a swim with Bob, my zombie swimmer friend.

New England can get pretty damn hot, though as a measure of humid heat, rather than dry heat, Over the time that I’ve lived here, we’ve had a few heatwaves

This has been discussed before, The short version is the ambient temperatures are about right and any shift could easily be blamed on the cataclysm. Wind Chill would probably be needed to get more accurate.