Suggestion: deep water should reduce ambient warmth

I noticed this while playing a few minutes ago. It was 95 degrees F and sunny, so I started baking as soon as I got out of my car, even though I was in my warm-weather gear. So I got my bathing suit and hopped in the lake next to my mobile home… only to find that I kept getting hotter. Diving under the surface didn’t even help. Since when is the inside of a car on a summer day a place to keep cool, while deep water makes you hot? Now, I realize that greenhouse effects and wind considerations are probably code nightmares that don’t even merit thinking about at this stage, but I think the water side of it could probably be handled pretty neatly.

Suggestion 1: treat the weather as if it’s 10 degrees F (5 degrees C) colder than the displayed Weather Temperature while you’re in Deep Water, in addition to the effects of being Wet on the insulation value of your clothing.
Suggestion 2: If you’re fully submerged (having dived under the surface), subtract another 20 degrees F (11 degrees C), for a total -30 degrees F.
Suggestion 3: Wearing a Wetsuit should negate these effects.

In short: I think that going for a swim should help you cool off in the summer, and it should be suicidal in the winter.

The car is presumed to have functional climate control stuff. That said it’s a nice idea, I though being “wet” was supposed to reduce heat…

Cars having heat and AC makes sense, I hadn’t thought of that (since many of my ‘cars’ don’t even have engines…).

Being wet reduces the ability of your clothes to insulate you, but it does not appear to affect heat directly. If you’re already wearing 0-heat clothes it seems to have no effect at all.

[quote=“Aluminumfoil, post:3, topic:3958”]Being wet reduces the ability of your clothes to insulate you.[/quote]Can you elaborate on that? I thought being wet only affects your morale?

As you get wetter the “warmth” value of your clothing degrades to half its standard value. Viewing your character sheet or advanced armor management screen will display the current value.