Magiclysm: A Total Fantasy Overhaul

JSON isn’t code. so no, pull requests do not require coding, if all you are doing is JSON content.

quick question, is there going to be XL variants of the armors so Huge Mutants will be able to wear dragonscale armor and such? Related to seeing a particular pull request that I must say has me very excited.

hah, almost forgot about that. sure, i can weasel that in too.


I have now implemented adding sound effects to spells. See this example


now it comes the bard class with its choirs

Problem solved! I updated the save file from experimental version 9496 to 9745, and Magic Missile now damages creatures. (I even maximised it, so now my wizard is (almost) unstoppable!)

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How common do you guys find magic shops? I’ve explored a few cities but only found two. I’m a biomancer but haven’t found the biomancer tome for the big boy spells. Also kind of worried that the shops arent spawning anymore in my world.

i havent found one since the added them, but at least sometimes i find cabins.

Someone mentioned earlier that Magic Missile doesn’t seem to be doing any damage. Ice Spike from “Treatise on the Elements” seems to be the same way. I used it on a Giant Wasp, then on a Kreck, then a Giant Web Spider, and all uses reflected off the monsters’ thick hides. Ice Spike has 41 damage at its current level; Point Flare has half of that and three-shots those same monsters.

I’m on Build 9764, Windows 10 64-Bit, if that matters.

is this the same bug? this is concerning that this popped up seemingly randomly.

this kind of bugs come froma way back no?, there was the necrotic gaze too not doing any damage, and ice spike in its moment didnt affect all kind of mobs

I still find used book stores with the associated creepy things, what cabins are you talking about? Are they added in or base game cabins?

the layout is the same as some single cabins or rural houses, but there has magical items in there, like a book/scroll of a spell, sometimes mana crystals or wands. potions too and/or the book of recipes too

Thank you, I’ll look into that

Magic shops are your best bet for magic books & don’t be discouraged they are very rare, even very large cities often do not have them and based on my experience I would say about 1 out of every 4 or 5 cities of moderate size has one. Anyways they are rare but you always find about 2-4 books there as well as wands and other stuff.

I did a lab challenge start once, it had a library in it that had spell books in it too. You got to do some dungeon delving, but that seems like a decent source as well. Just takes some work

I haven’t been able to use Smite yet, so I can’t say for sure, but the issue doesn’t say anything about a message about the attack reflecting off the monsters’ hide like Ice Spike did. The issue description says that the user eventually got Smite to do some damage, but it’s rare. I’ve yet to get Ice Spike to do any to non-Zombie monsters.

I tested it on a basic zombie and it worked fine. There weren’t anymore Giant Web Spiders to test it again, but there were Giant Black Widows in a basement and they’ve also proven immune to Ice Spike.

does someone knows if the enemies killed by summoned monsters count towards your kills?, so far animated blade doesnt

Had negative focus and Spellcraft 0 and tried to cast Finger Firelighter. It succeeded, but I lost experience instead of gaining it. This game is brilliant.

Also, does anyone know what happens if you Phase Door into solid rock? Does it insta-gib you or can you try to gather enough mana to attempt another teleport to get out? What if it teleports you further in instead and through a long string of bad rolls you can’t get out before you starve to death?

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you can’t phase door into solid rock. not sure what i should do about the negative experience for focus though, i think that’s a bug with focus going negative rather than spellcasting exp being wonky