Mac version /sadface

Can someone please compile a newer mac version for me? please?

– Kiwi

Yes, actually - I’ve got a tech-savvy friend who was able to compile a 64-bit OS X binary. Hopefully it all went according to plan, as well.

Download link:

It’s based on commit 8980898543(…), plus fixes for a few potential bugs revealed by his compiler (memory corruption and such).

If this all works as expected, I’ll see if I can talk the same friend into giving us a Mac binary for 0.5, whenever that gets released.

In case anyone is interested, I’ve made an OS X build of 0.4 (rather than the latest commit). You can find it here (changed link to official site).

I’ve also copied it over to the site here, updating the main page momentarily.

I’ll update my link then, no need for it in two places :slight_smile:

I can run .3 perfectly fine from the terminal, but when I try to download and play either of these two downloads it just gives me ‘Illegal Instruction’

Any ideas?

Yeah I got an “illegal instruction” when I tried it on my mac as well.

Roy are you running 10.6? I think it has something to do with xcode having a cut off point for versions there. I just updated and its running fine now.

I’m on 10.7.5 right now, not that it really matters too much for me. I use bootcamp so I already do all of my cataclysm-DDA playing and code wrangling on the windows 7 side anyways.

I think I’ve found the problem. I’ll post a reply when the new version is uploaded.

The link on the home page should now be updated, and should work on 10.6+

A bit of a late reply. Thanks! so much btw for the mac version. XD This game is still better than DayZ atm.

… and still a better love story than Twilight. XD