(R.I.P. OSX) The colour "issue" in recent experimentals

After months of happily frolicking about the cataclysm the damn codes goofed and now mac is unplayable EVEN when using homebrew to get past how utterly ruined the pre-compiled versions are.

This problem seems to effect everything in the game with a colour attached to it, and trust me, i tried changing every colour in the monsters.json just to see if i could get it to work, but alas; I kinda suck at diagnosing and fixing these things, im a cata-consumer. I didnt sign up for this :wink:


well, guess im done with cataclysm until this gets resolved; any ideas are welcome.

Install Windows? :thinking:

What’s your OSX version? I can try to install it to VM to test.

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High Sierra 10.13.6

good luck friend

lovely input pal, lets fix OSX cata not abandon it

Or at least Wine. I agree with sam that OSX cata should be fixed not abandoned but it would be a decent work around while Mac players are waiting for the fix to come through. I just wish Mac and Linux players could get a sweet launcher like Windows players have without installing Wine and running the Windows version.