Mac executable isn't

I get this warning when I double click on the cataclysm thingy when I compile it myself (not when using ./cataclysm, though), but apparently I get it with the downloaded .tar version. I extract the tar, and then neither ./cataclysm nor double clicking will give me anything but this…

gailonanas-macbook:cataclysmdda-0.1 rowan$ cd bindist/
gailonanas-macbook:bindist rowan$ ls
README cataclysm data
gailonanas-macbook:bindist rowan$ ./cataclysm
dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
Trace/BPT trap
gailonanas-macbook:bindist rowan$

Aaaaaah! Mac code! I’m stumped, maybe Mac broke it.

I haven’t run into this one before. What version of OS X do you have?

Edit: Double clicking the executable doesn’t work on Mac under any circumstances currently.
Double edit: In the next build for Mac there will be a executable script called cataclysm-launcher that you can double click if you choose.