M240 with mods - not M240

i modify dismounted manual M240 with extended barrel and - automobile-builder menu do not see M240 - i can’t install back MODded M240. maybe because of pluses in the name of the item? M240 new name is M240+

maybe subroutine need minor changhes - need to search substrings instead search strings within array of item names?
or enter in subroutine one call for temporary delete all pluses in the item names?

[code=“example:”]//i know only pascal and new langs are hard to understand for me… sorry

function approved (var item:ItemNameString): bool;
var GlobalItemToCarBuildingNameArray: array[] of ItemName;
index: word;
const max:=//number of names of items what may be used in car building

for Index:=0 to max do
if Pos(ItemNameString,GlobalItemToCarBuildingNameArray[index])<>0 then goto ok; //current item with this base name (without mods) is exist and all ok

ok: approved:=true;

if approved(item) then InsertItemIntoWorkBench(item);
//coloring this item with bright white colour within workbench of all items which is approved to install in this tail of the this car

Activate the M240 to take the mod off. Then you can install it again.

yes you right. :frowning:

but idea in what i wanted to install in machinegun hyroscope stabilyser for more exact firing and fast blowback for more quick firing… and all good ideas goes to under cats tail. :’(

I wonder if you could go into the JSON and created a modded M240 entry? Give it the stats the thing has with your favorite mods. That could get tedious extremely quickly if done for every possible mounted weapon combo and mod combo in the game, but if you wanted to do it just for your favorite piece of kit it might work.