M203 gun mod crashes game

Hi. New user but I’ve been lurking for a while now. I don’t use any forums so try to forgive me if I screw up somehow. The problem is that the game crashes when I try to fire grenades from the M203 gun attachment. I doubt it matters but I attached it to the FTK-93 fusion gun. The version I am using I believe is 0.7.1-1524-g9cede61.

Thanks for reporting, and the fact that it’s a fusion gun might be significant, more info is generally better than less :slight_smile:

it seems to affect all rifles it’s modded onto in the same way. And it crashed .8 also.

This might effect underbarrel shotguns too. Isn’t there 2 variations of underbarrel shotguns?

It does also affect underbarrel shotgun mod , so there’s that bug too.

Both of the underbarrel launchers, both underbarrel shotguns, and the rail mounted crossbow are all exhibiting this same behavior.

I forgot to mention another glitch. When using marijuana without any tools to use it I get the message saying “You haven’t got anything to smoke out of” but I still get the happiness from it. Also I don’t lose any of the marijuana either. Im not sure if its the same for other drugs that need a tool to use like heroine.

Should I make a new post for this?

Nah, the smoking bug is a known issue, and I know how to fix it, but it’s a bit of work so haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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I… have one of those >_<