Experimental 0.9-2326-g708d1bb - M203 crashes game when fired

When I try to shoot my M203 attached to my G3 rifle, the game crashes to desktop. So far it’s done it with 40mm frag rounds and 40mm incendiary.

Every single time.


I’m using Raga’s tileset right now if that matters.

I just tried the M320 launcher and that worked fine.

Thanks for your report!

It’s now been listed in our issue tracker.

Just to confirm, it seems to be confined to the M203, so I assume it’s the old secondary weapon/attachment bug showing up again.

I don’t know if it happens with the auxiliary flamethrower…

It also happens with underslung shotguns.

I’m wondering if it’s related to the old bug, or if it’s something new that has the same result.

Is this issue still present in the latest versions? I see lots of changes have been made but I’m holding off on upgrading until I can fix my underslung weapons.