Lying on a rooftop should make you invisible to creatures one z level below

I noticed that we added prone to the game now, however i’m quite sure what exactly it does (besides making toggling move more laborious). One thing I noticed it didn’t do however is seem to affect whether or not monsters can see me below a rooftop. I would think that because of perspective there’s no possible way you should be able to see somebody lying down on a flat roof (as considering most roofs don’t seem to be sloped) because the wall would obstruct your view

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Monsters can’t see across Z-levels unless you have experimental 3d fov enabled and that is pretty buggy.

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Going prone should also reduce visibility similar to crouching.

Also, going prone to avoid or lessen the chance of breathing in smoke and gasses should be implemented.

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Hate to necro a post, but what does prone do exactly at this time? All I can see is that it catastrophically cripples your movement speed but I can’t tell that it reduces your visibility at all.

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It does reduce visibility, I normally don’t go prone but I’ve noticed you can duck under windows and take cover under tables when you’re prone. This has the effect of reducing LOS or sight lines between you and zombies. Doesn’t matter if they notice you for a millisecond though, since all zombies effectively have 360 degree vision, your best bet is to do it preemptively, like when you see an open window during the daylight and you want to avoid detection.

Haven’t tested it but I’ve heard that your accuracy with guns (namely dispersion) is reduced when you’re prone.

Also, zombies and other mobs can smell you, so remember that.


I’d like this comment twice, if I could. LOL

Everything that they said above

reduced?! why the heck is it reduced? there’s less recoil so why is it less accurate?
was that a typo?

I’d expect it to be a reference mishap. Dispersion (i.e. bullet spread) ought to be reduced, so accuracy ought to be increased.

Dispersion means sway or getting knocked off target, the lower your dispersion the more accurate you are.

Recoil doesn’t matter as long as your sight dispersion stays as close to 0 as possible. If your dispersion is 0 every shot you take won’t knock you off target and force you to re-aim, thus your accuracy is increased.

My biggest problem with prone is that it doesn’t act like crouch when behind obstacles that would make you invisible to creatures on the other side. You should also be able to hide underneath tables but that doesn’t seem to work either from what I’ve noticed.