LUA Setting mod on CDDA Launcher

i saw LUA mod setting in launcher, is it possible to add mod based LUA back again? example. Poracomp mod is using LUA, can i activate poracomp mod in latest experimental by activating LUA mod?

No. Well, actually you can activate it, of course, but it won’t work because LUA support was removed from the game a very long time ago.

how can i activate it? i tried to load that poracomp mod in latest version, but yeah it stuck on map loading and kick me back to main menu.

What launcher has a LUA setting?

that one, just see that now after updating the game

Where did you get it?

from the launcher repository, right table. i download it from there.

DON’T USE MODS FROM THE LAUNCHER! 99% of the time, mods there just won’t work.

No, I meant where did you find the launcher? Looks like the abandonned version of it but even that didn’t have links to lua mods.

yeah its been a while since a update the launcher version, i don’t know what version that i use now.