How to enable Lua Mods?

Since the graphical experimental MacOS version crashes every time I try to start it up, I decided to install the Console version, using brew install cataclysm --with-tiles --HEAD.

Since then I have installed the game, and watched some tutorials on how to play the game. In the tutorials the Stats through Skills mod was enabled, and I think that for my first play through I would want to enable it too. When I go to the world creation screen, I see the following:

I searched through the options, but there was nothing about enabling Lua. Lua is actually installed on my computer, so I have no idea what is the problem. Plez halp.

LUA is activated automatically, but any mod using it will become incompatible at some point in the future when LUA support is axed.

It is highly likely that MacOS console version is compiled without Lua support.