Lots of changes

I started some experimental runs.

Hell, there are so many changes since I played it the last time.

In the past most of the zombies I killed were normal “Z’s” followed by zombie childs and dogs. But now it seems normal Z’s are rarities. The most zombies I met were “Tough Zombies”. In some houses I met three.
(You can still reduce the density of zombies on the map, right?)

I also met an Zombie wrestler in the shelter. Never heard of it, I lured him up because the NPC had a good pistol but he hits and hits about five or six times without heavily injuring him . So the game was over really fast. It seems to me he’s tougher than the old Jabberwock. If it still exists, that is.

I was astonished because of the percantage of iron and vitamins in the food. I don’t hope I need 100 % of every vitamin a day. I don’t want to become a nutritionist. :broccoli:

So far I did not survive a single day. (Ah, good old times, when I survived more than a year and killed more than 1000 zombies… )

I’m quiet sure I a need a lot more testing of the new game mechanic.

I forgot something and need help.

How can I pick up a single item? I picked a blueberry bush and got 5 blueberries. I couldn’t carry them all as a senior citizen because of their volume (this is a joke, right?) . Within the last stable, every item was displayed as a single one. so I could pick one up if two were too heavy or too big

If you’re on the stack and picking it up, hitting escape when it asks if you want to wield the item should put the maximum number of items in your inventory.

Otherwise, 'e’xamine the tile the stack is on. You’ll get a menu, select the number you want to pick up and the corresponding letter and you’ll pick up that many items.

Senior citizen has nothing to do with volume limits, volume is just strictly enforced, so even just a little over is not allowed.

Type a number less than or equal to the total number of items in the stack you want (your choice) then pick up the item; that should cause you to pick up a number of items equal to the number you typed.

What I meant was that I could pick up a package aspirin but not 5 blueberries. Blueberries are not marked as “mutated” so those little things should need less space than a medical package.

A blueberry has nutrition 16 and weight 0.44 lbs. It’s not a single berry, it’s a couple of clusters worth that takes up significant volume.

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