You're carrying too many items!

I do not know if there’s any good explanation as to why this is happening, I might just make a complete ass out of myself by putting this up, but really, this keeps annoying me and I don’t quite understand.

So, as I am playing with my character, suddenly out of nowhere, just as usual, the game suddenly decides that it hates me and prevents me from picking up items, saying “You’re carrying too many items!”.

My weight is 133/170, Volume is 80/108, items are 40/52.

Why is this happening? Is this a bug of some sort or some sneaky game mechanic I haven’t quite picked up?
Thanks for the assistance. :slight_smile:

The number of items [40/52] is a little weird. It only counts the items carried and not worn or wielded items. It should instead include wielded and worn items since they have letters assigned, and the letters a-z, A-Z are what determines how many can be carried. The message “You’re carrying too many items!” comes from the inventory checking for an unassigned letter, not finding one since a-z and A-Z are taken, and reporting that you must not have any more room available. This will hopefully become a moot issue once the new container system is implemented which you can follow, and discuss, at this thread.

Oh, hey. Well, there you go, just me being an ass.
Thought that it’d possibly be something as such.
Thanks, and I’ll check the thread out too! :slight_smile:

I had to look at the code to figure out what exactly was going on. I had suspected it was only counting the carried items but wasn’t sure until I looked :stuck_out_tongue: Also, now that you have brought it up people can open up this thread and get the answer :smiley:

I couldn’t find a resolution as I searched for it, so yeah, that’s great! :slight_smile: