Lost npc. Forever Gone?

Went to drop some stuff off in my automobile, npc took a seat. I went back exploring, realised npc not be following, went back to car, nothere, checked map, not showing up on there. Went to take a seat where the npc last was and got this error…

Have they been lost to the great void?

yes, they have.

Anyways, is not for much help, but at least be at ease that you are not alone in that problem. and be careful if the NPC had a mission you can fail it because of it disappearing.

And it seems it just happens randomly, i think it happens more often if you use the autowalk/drive, but it could have been just bad luck from side

I hope whatever dimension they end up in is less rough than the cataclysm.

I’ve noticed it a few times with this playthrough though. Zombies phasing through upper floors into basements and eyebots getting through closed doors without opening them. Can eyebots do that?