Lordpawns short on regional schools

so I have been playing this game on an off every couple of months for about 2 maybe 3 years now and love how much is added over time, so lately i have been playing and notice regional schools and just ignore them really because pff i want gunz bombs and cool shit not pencils and erasers. so time goes by and my local city i have been living in turns out to have 5 arcades and no library (must have been a fun place to live) and i am having a hard time finding ANY books, then it hits me WAIT schools have book, well just my luck there is a Regional school chillin just outside the far side of the city. Well i put it off for a bit but eventually make the day trip around the city bust through a window and its all well and good just a normal classroom full of little dead shits that fall before my mighty combat knife nothing new. So i don’t find shit except for empty desks and gum under the desks and I am a bit sad thinking it might have been a wasted trip so I take some heroin on the teachers desk to cheer myself up and go see if there are any rooms worth while in this pit, AND THEN I FIND IT, HOLY GOD ITS THE MOTHERLOAD. The dam school library has almost every single book from moby dick to spetsnaz knife techniques(which gave me a laugh thinking about teachers teaching little jimmy what artery to go for in gym class). Well long story short i load up about 100 pounds of smartz and go on my way. annnnd blown up by a robo tank driving around a corner heading back, BUT THATS THE CATACLYSM FOLKS HAVE A NICE DAY. “PS” punctuation is hard

Yeah,the regional schools are source of lots and lots of books XD i get there only for kill little zed’s xD