Looking for suggestions - New Overmap areas

I would like to see NPCs enhanced. Add more trading. More NPCs. Maybe soldiers and scientists that are still alive? They could be manning a base? They could be friendly or hostile. The factions?

Didn’t there used to be NPC towns that got scrapped?
How about NPCs compete with you for looting? NPCs can go in en masse and clear out a town
Maybe you can get a squad of NPCs? I know you can get more followers, but how about a leadership skill and you can control them and give them tasks? Such as collecting and building.

I’d like to see the ability to farm and grow food added.

Bio-Mass farms! Machines containing special fungi that are there to create biomass for fuel, wood, food, or other misc stuff.
A moral hit would come from the taste of the stuff (That’s why we had sweeteners and food flavoring) but otherwise might be a building substitute for farms.

Farms for sure…

Also: buildable Windchimes! Just build able noise makers made with some pipes. Makes either a Ding (light noise) sound or a Dong (long pipe making lots of noise). Obviously for attracting Zeds away from yourself while sneaking.

Edit: Because your person Modern Art would be stupid to not be able to build one!

Abandoned Campsite
Not so abandoned campsite.
Mutant lair.
Rabid animal pack.
Farms/farm fields.
Thornbushes (rasberry/blackberry)
Deadwood (lots of fallen/dead trees, maybe leftover from lumber industry. Makes an area hard to pass/impassable.)
Cattle Ranch
Run down house. (abandoned before the end of society)
Survivor camp (hostile and not. willing to trade and not)
Raider camp
apartment complex
Nature/Park area (will have paths and be generally peaceful.
Cabin at end of long twisty driveway
Mountain cabin (not road accessible and most likely not powered)
Outhouse (should be near other buildings)
Abandoned Mine Tunnels/Shafts
Zombie Trap (area setup to kill zombies, usually on approach to a settlement)

Less Likely:

Add onions. And more and more veggies. I love to cook. I know this isn’t perfect thread for veggie types, but it’s related to farms. Mmmmmmm, farms… I’ll be the happiest farmer in post apocalyptic world, guess what I’m gonna grow.

So much talk about places where NPCs can spawn, and no one even begins to think they might be potential allies, willing to share their equipment to help a newbie. No, they’re just one-stop corpse shops, aren’t they…


Old thread I started with tons of suggestions in. Of particular interest to me are Nuclear Power Plants, Biker Bars, Factories, Churches, Cemetaries, Strip Malls, Dojos, Observatories, Secure Storage, and Military Bases. However strange or unbalanced it may be, I still like the concept of a Bionics Boutique, a rare building that rarely spawns a few bionics, as well as bionics appearing in a few other places - sporting goods, hospitals (I’d honestly look here first if I didn’t know where to find bionics), maybe even hardware shops. Also, Resident Evil basements under secluded mansions, more basements in general, and killing zombies with thrown gemstones found lying around mines.

As for actual overmap -areas-, University and Military towns have been suggested - one with a more scholastic bent, possibly better supplies/fewer useless houses and more interesting zombies, and then the other is a protected compound with more military loot lying around, guarded by armored zombies and brutes.

You have transit systems (roads and planned trains) but no wrecked cars. There should be wrecked cars everywhere. Mostly rusted and useless for scrap. Maybe move good cars into garages and other covered areas more then parking lots. How about parking garages? But you’d need multi level map love for that. Train wrecks. Bridges. Gorges. Raised up highways.

Can I reiterate that this thread is for suggestions about new map areas. Discuss other stuff in the rest of the suggestion forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Since we take from so many sources why not one more? Tiberium fields! I don’t know if the current craters are radioactive or not, but if not then how about some areas that are nuke craters (glassed?).

Craters are radioactive, it’s just relatively low levels.

You could always go with some old standbys… Desert (Desert Punk references required!), Artic/Tundra, Ocean, Mountains, etc…

Needs more ambient things to watch out for, like some weird diseases that inhibit you from doing much. I would like to see lakes too.

off-topic: Mosquitoes should have a malaria risk

on-topic: Jungle. And stuff. If you travel far enough south.

We have come to the decision that yes. We are going to allow crazy terrain to exist. I am declaring it canon that the scientists screwed up the geography of the planet with all of their experimentation and whatnot, so finding a desert or a jungle in the middle of New England is totally normal.

Wharehouses, and other large buildings. Only two large buildings atm. Megastore and mansions.
Survivalists house. Surrounded by traps and with survival gear inside. Maybe a human body or two inside.
Survivors house in the city. House with all the windows and doors boarded. Absolutely no food, a number of dead human bodies. Maybe a butchered human body?

Your character had no qualms eating human, maybe Darkling should change that.

Also: Prepper Bunker, Full of non perishable food and water. And a few dead, because derp.

Also: Play as zombie mode!

Ohh prepper bunker??? that sounds like fun… i could do that…

Obviously you would need a lockpick lot of bomb to get in. That or hack the keypad or just open the Hopefully metal doors.

It may need to be above ground, the game frowns upon underground areas by letting the zombies phase through solid matter. It would be like 5x rarer then labs. And hopefully have metal doors to keep the zombies out.

and make it tiny so that it’s not a great base, just a good one that lacks space.