"look" mode movement keys locked?

i just moved to .5 from the old cataclysm in which i used a different movement setup, and the “look” mode simply used the movement keys i used, but in this version it seems to use the original keys in look mode, is this a bug or is there a way to change them?

All/Most keys can be rekeyed through the (?)-(1) menu, most likely this is simply a rekey that happened/didn’t happen between your version and this one.

well shouldn’t it just use the same keys to move the “look” cursor (as well as the examine function’s movement, which also cant be remapped) as the movement keys you chose? i’ll re-download it and see if that works.

and just to make sure we’re on the same page, I mean the “look” mode that helps you tell if that’s a zombie cop or a hulk, or what that piece of terrain is