Longbow Requires Two Hands

Hi! I’m a newish player, but I’ve got the basics down. One problem I’ve run into is with my longbow. Whenever I try to fire with it it gives me both messages that it does not have arrows loaded, and that I need two hands to fire it. When I try to reload it nothing happens, so I’ve checked if I’m holding anything else, but in the armor sorting menu it doesn’t show anything in my hands. Can someone point out what I’d need to do?

You don’t by chance have the bionic canon or something like that do you?

Bows of all kinds are “load and shoot” weapons, so reloading them only sets the default container for you to reload. Have you tried just attacking with the bow? It should work.

That makes sense about the reloading, I noticed the asterisks. I’ve tried hitting the fire button, but that prompted the two messages I mentioned earlier.

No bionics here. This character is still pretty new and I haven’t found any fun CBMs yet.

You need to have arrows available to fire the bow, either in the inventory, in a worn quiver, or on the nearby ground (or “loaded” in the bow). However, I suspect the arrow message is a function of whatever lies behind the arms one.

I would assume you’d get the message about both arms if one is broken, in which case I assume you’ll have to set it and have it heal up to not broken (but still damaged) status.
I believe body parts break when reaching 0 HP (a broken skull or torso is fatal, though).

My arms are currently not broken, and I have 30 arrows in a quiver.

Are you wearing a container that occupies a hand? Like a shopping bag or suitcase? Happens to me…

I’m wearing a canteen and a sheath on my legs, and a MOLLE pack on my back. No briefcase or any other storage device in my hands.

If you take everything off can you fire the bow?

Check your strength and the required strength of the bow ( I think longbow is 9 ) If you don’t have the required strength it gives you an odd message like not having ammo or something.

Yeah, I’m not sure what happened, I’m definitely strong enough. I’ve tried again after putting down the bow for a while, and now I’m not having issues… Oh well, I’m still not sure what the issue was, but still thanks for everyone for troubleshooting!

Probably not what happened, but pain results in lowered strength, something my STR 9 character has had quite some problem with, as getting hurt more than minor means the bow suddenly won’t be usable, and the bow is the main weapon…

Strength was definitely not the issue as my character is pretty far down the Alpha mutation path and is very strong with a total strength of 12. Also, I haven’t been severely injured recently so I wouldn’t expect any stat penalties from pain.