Trouble reloading ranged weapons with alternate ammo than default assumptions

I started up a game as a bow hunter but I can’t seem to reload the modern bow with the carbon arrows. I’ve tried unloading, reloading from menu, and part reloading but have met with only minimal success. The only thing that seems to even register as ammo (e.g. have the “reload with what” prompt) is the part reload.

I think I know what’s probably causing this however, since this item is “unloaded” its assuming that only wooden arrows can fit, and refusing to take anything else.

I had this same kind of trouble earlier with reloading a 9mm with it refusing to accept anything jhf bullets in the magazine, even though I had less damaging ammo that was acceptable in my inventory. Unloading the magazine from the gun and emptying it of the jhf and then reloading it with a different type fixed the problem.

However since the recurve bow has no “magazine” I can’t do this workaround. I have yet to try loading wooden arrows and unloading them since i’m not in a safe place to craft them.

Haven’t used a bow in-game in a while, but I think I had a similar issue once. If I remember, it defaulted to using whatever type of arrows were stored in my quiver. So it used arrow X because it was in my quiver, even if I wanted to use arrow Y for whatever reason.

If you’re using a quiver, try unloading it so every type of arrow is in your inventory then try using the bow. I-think- thus is what I did & it then asked which type of arrow you wanted to use.

it seems part of the problem is that even with a strength of 8 I can’t use a recurve bow which is weird considering according to the flavor text I’ve been using it for years

well even with a specific start and background flavor, you can still start with not enough stats. as far as reloading the correct arrow, you can always go to the bow itself and do ‘part reload’, which will allow you to select which specific ammo you intend on using… (though admittedly, doing this every single time you wish to load up an arrow could get a bit tedious.)

basically, just keep whatever arrows you want to use inside your quiver, because thats what they’ll default to when auto reloading… perhaps for bows ammo types should be switchable like fire-modes on guns?