Longbow Crafting

I just started a character with 2 archery skill and I’m unable to see the longbow or wooden arrows in the crafting options. I have the requisite materials in my inventory, but the option for crafting an item should show up in the menu regardless. I’ve checked the item requirements in the source files and my character seems to match them, so long as the second skill is still not required (only useful). The longbow should be in the weapons menu, but I’ve checked all of them to be sure.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

I just grabbed a point in survival and now the option to craft both the longbow and wooden arrows shows up. Is this a recent change in the game: both the primary and secondary listed skills are required?

Yep! Both skills are required to craft something. I first figured this out with trying to make a crossbow (in that it requires mechanics and Archery).