Long underwear

So i just found long underwear, and it has 12 storage. Stuffing items in my underpants is OP.

Guis. Should this shotgun go into my crotch?

Some pairs of long underwear come with pockets and I guess you can stick things in the area between you skin and the underwear

looks like shoving a shotgun into your pants is legit then. +1

No, I’m just happy to see you.

Must have been a copy paste error, oops :smiley: that should definitely be 0.

There should be long johns in the game, I actually own a pair or two in real life for those winter nights. The come with two front pockets too (three if you include the… “urination aid” in the middle)
so I think they would be a good add in the game.

It’s totally me guys, I swear!

Well, you can certanly stuff things down the legs… and then there are long undershirts.