Locating Power Armor Mk. II

[quote=“123456789, post:11, topic:6044”]Wait really? I always just ignored those. I never knew there was treasure. Any CBMS?
Edit: Just went through a basement filled with them and cleared all the webs. No treasure, just spider eggs.[/quote]

Sometimes the local spiders are not as good as at hoarding precious loot as others. Maybe they haven’t had time to gather it yet, or maybe they’re just really bad scavengers. Keep trying though! So far I’ve found more fusion weapons, railguns, and sets of power armor (between about 20 basements) than I know what to do with.

Ah, the cattle critters. Once i arrived at farm that for some reason had two cats, horse and a dog locked in the bathroom. I quickly locked back the doors, no reason to waste perfectly good meat reserves.