Load from Previous save

now, i know this might be cheesing the system a bit and taking away from the harsh reality that is Cataclysm but seriously, dying because I waited 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes next to a fire and died of dehydration is [glow=red,2,300]INFURIATING[/glow]

10 hours or so into a character and i’m stripping houses for nails and boom, wait tick passes by just a bit too quickly and I die, full health to null in less time than it takes me to hit the 5 key to stop waiting…

So I propose a load from last save option, maybe one where you enable it at the start of a character so you can decide if it’s too cheesy or not and disable it?

I’m going to miss that Muay Thai powerhouse, RIP Apachai Hopachai, you’ll be missed :frowning:

I’m not entirely sure this is in the spirit of the game. You do know that you can back up your save manually every once in a while, right?

I know…but don’t ruin my fantasia :frowning:

I had no reason to back up the save, I was doing well, building my house, stable food supply and plenty of water.

it was such a careless mistake, one that cost hours of work…I’m just frustrated :frowning:

The essence of rougelikes.

Ninja’d. I was going to say the same.


so to pretty much end this I’ve stacked a character and spawned in fun items and have gone on a destructive rampage…I am starting to feel better. :slight_smile:

Yeah, permadeath is an intrinsic part of the cataclysm rouge like, one that we aren’t planning on removing. (That said you could always keep a backup somewhere that you updated occasionally to save scum from).

Thats the spirit :slight_smile: