Load Bearing Equipment

Just a thought that the various LBE’s could give suitable boosts to weight capacity, it’s been easier in my experience to carry heavy loads via a backpack or duffle with shoulder strap than hauling everything around in my arms.

As well you could maybe add a few new items, like a weight lifting belt that spawns in sporting goods stores ((Weight up/ no storage/ Takes up a belt slot)) and a hand truck.

For the hand truck I’d suggest it only being able to be carried in the hands–A cheap way to do this would be to increase its volume high enough. When being carried it would increase how much volume/weight a character can cart from place to place–but be limiting in other obvious ways.

Powered Armor Hauling Frames would definitely be the be-all-to-end-all LBEs. Honestly–people should be able to clear wreckage or haul a fungal spire in these things.

I like the idea, but game balance needs to be taken into account.

If we’re talking about realism, backpacks, proper ones (Not the “sports” backpack, correct me if I’m wrong but that’s just one of those cheap rope getups?) should “increase” carryweight. While some of the other ones (Powered Armor Hauling Frame) should increase dramatically.\

If we’re talking Realism, maybe just the high-end military ones and the hauling frame.

Though PA should give a strength boost regardless.

No offense to you, but I really hate the “game balance” argument. It’s like those who are adamantly opposed to a steam-based generator because a bunch of trees next to a water source makes it “too easy” to produce power. CDDA is a game, but as a wonderful post-apocalypse simulator it’s very immersion-breaking to disallow realistic solutions because they’re deemed too successful.

Of course I can see arguing the issue of balance if for some reason a dev decided that zombies should only have one hit point because that’s going to affect you no matter how you play, but no one’s gonna force you to use something you consider unbalancing – you can just “not use it.”

This came up once already. Unfortunately, we’re already pretty generous when it comes to carrying capacity (especially when you consider that carried weight below your capacity doesn’t debuff at all) so bonuses as proposed would have to accompany a general reduction in carrying capacity.

Pretty confident that’s not what’s intended here. Sorry.

Yea what KA said, if we want to be more realistic it’s a matter of nerfing less-good cargo gear rather than buffing good stuff.
That having been said it’s not out of the question that we rebalance it that way at some point, it needs a nested container system to work properly though.
Basically a container would report its weight/volume up the chain, and really good containers could cheat and report lower weight/volume.
As it is now there’s no mechanism for adjusting effective weights or volumes.